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Minecraft PE for Android
In this post, we will share the download links of Minecraft PE’s new test update with you. The developers at Mojang Studio released a new beta version of the game for Android users. It’s called Minecraft PE Mojang released this new test update for users of Android OS and it has taken care of 14 total bugs. Mojang has also worked on commends that youcan learn more about below. Let’s take a look at the changes in Minecraft PE update.   Features of the update for Minecraft PE   The major thing in this new update is the new fixes. There are a total of 14 new bug fixes.  Below are the most important ones:  
  1. The new update has volume settings for conversion from text to speech
  2. The item in the wandering traders called sac of ink can be used for crafting.
  3. Improved the feature that lets you save skins with the help of a split-screen
4. Fixed aligning of values in-game events scoring system, the scoreboards for instance The next thing to update is the console commands. Seven new changes were added to the console commands. We have highlighted that here:  
  1. Updated the documentation for the console commands for updating servers of Minecraft Pocket Edition.
  2. Players rotate when using the teleport command and that has now been fixed /top
  3. The work of /ticking area is now fixed
The work of / screen shake is now fixed
  1. The saved structure can now be deleted by players with the help of the command /delete (name)

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